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Bringing with them extensive experience in their field, Tessera Integration Inc. provides high level solutions to customers in the packaging and manufacturing models. Located in the Greater Toronto Area and servicing North America and Europe, they offer a wide range of services and products in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, aerosol, cannabis, warehousing and automotive industries.

Products Offered

Among the products offered by Tessera are Material Handling Equipment, including conveyors, machinery and robotics; Packaging Equipment, including palletizers and depalletizers, case erectors, tray inserters, fillers, x-rays, metal detectors, cappers, induction sealers, case packers, labelers and line control devices; and Control System Equipment, including control panels, HMI’s and safety upgrades.

Services Offered

Tessera will ensure you always receive exceptional and professional service when helping you with your integration project. They can provide you with expertise in project management, integration services, production line optimization, manufacturing consultation, installation services, safety guarding and PHSR inspection.



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